Sheikh Bandar Baleela

د. بندر بن عبد العزيز بليله

- من مواليد مكة المكرمة عام 1395 هـ .
- درس بها جميع المراحل الدراسية الإبتدائية والمتوسطة والثانوية والباكلريوس .
- حصل على الماجستير في عام 1422 هـ في الفقه من كلية الشريعة والدراسات الإسلامية من جامعة أم القرى .
- حصل على درجة الدكتوراه في الفقه من كلية الشريعة عام 1429هـ من الجامعة الإسلامية بالمدينة المنورة .
- عمل مدرسًا للفقة بمعهد الحرم المكي الشريف بالقسم العالي .
- يعمل حاليًا أستاذًا مساعدًا بجامعة الطائف .
- وإمام وخطيب جامع الأميرة نوف بحي العزيزية بمكة المكرمة ، ثم جامع ابن باز .
- صدر القرار بتعيينه إماماً للمسجد الحرام يوم الأحد 12/ 9/ 1434هـ

Dr. Bandar bin 'Abdul Azeez Baleela
- Born in Makkah in 1395 AH.
- Earned a Masters degree in 1422 AH in the Fiqh from the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies from the Umm al-Qura University.
- Received a doctorate degree in Fiqh from the Faculty of Sharia in 1429 AH from the Islamic University of Madeenah.
- Worked as a teacher of fiqh at the Institute of Haram al-Sharif higher section.
- He is now an assistant professor at the University of Taif.
- Served as imaam and khateeb of Masjid Ameera Nouf in the Aziziyah district in Makkah, and after that in Masjid Bin Baz.
- Appointed as imaam of the Masjid al Haram on Sunday, 12/9/1434 AH.
- Appointed as permanent of Masjid al Haram on Wednesday, 4/12/1434AH
- Led first regular salaah in Masjid al Haram on 5/12/1434, for Maghrib


Anonymous said...

Is Shaykh Baleela just for taraweeh or is he permanent?

Saad Zafar Sadiq said...

May Allaah bless him.
Saad Zafar Sadiq Al Maliki.

Anonymous said...


As well HR Admin will write more details in biography section in sha Allah.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to sheikh baleela and his family. I however miss sheikh shuraim. Th e excitement that SS created when he became imam was something exceptional and may never be repeated.

Anonymous said...

Mashallah jazakallahulhayra for the information ...may Allah bless you :)

Ibraheem Birniwa said...

Mashaa Allah, Shaikh Bandar will sure do even more better in few years to come. He has got a very melodious voice too, I watched him lead Taraweeh prayer in Makkah while reading Surah Maryam, very very emotional subhallah.

However, Shaikh Shuraim will and has always been my favorite reciter among all the imaams at Makkah, I memorised the whole Quran using recitations by Shaikh Saud Shuraim, may Allah continue to bless him.

Ibraheem bn Haroon,

Anonymous said...

what about the 2 new imams of madinah..

Anonymous said...

Shaykh Baleela has been blessed with a flute from the flutes of Dawud A.S... He has the ability to pray Quran in a manner that brings the Quran alive in the heart of Man..

Both the new Imams recitation is such that you find yourself attached heart and soul and you simply cannot move until the recitation has been completed.. SubhanAllah

May Allah SWT bless both the new Imams in fact all of them and save them from all types of evil. Aameen.

Such a great service to the entire Ummah mashaAllah

And of course the H.R team is always in our duas for working day and night trying to make everything available for all.. May Allah SWT bless! Aameen

Zizou said...

Alhamdulillah. I love Shiekh Baleela for the sake of Allah Azzawajal. He reads the Qurãn with tarteel. Masha Allah his voice is mellifluous. Congratulations to Sheikh Baleela & his family and may Allah Azzawajal preserves his beautiful voice & increases his knowledge.
Ziyaad Perally

Veysel Dag said...

Es salamün aleyküm
I can just say he has lovely voice. Maasallah
May Allah bless him and all Muslims

Abubakar Sadeeq said...

MasahaAllah! Innahu kareem! He's great!

Bang Imam said...

Masyaallah Tabaarakallah... I love his melodious voice, make Qur'an touch in the deepest of heart... Even now and yesterday he led Fajr prayer recited surah Ar Rahman, masyaallah. May Allah Tabaarakallah

Yusuf Islam said...

This is the best reader I've heard from the holy land. It's not just about the nice vice, but you can tell he really lives his reading & put his whole heat into it. Brings one to tears even if you don't understand Arabic. Would love to find the whole Quran with his recitation

Anonymous said...

Exceptional machaAllah la quwata ila billah...his recitation looks like moroccan style!

Anonymous said...

السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته
وفيك بارك الله أنا احبك والله

Muhammad Mahdi said...

It's the wish of the Almighty that while I had been in Masjidul Haraam during my Umra between 29.12.2013 to 6.1.2014 Allah given me the oppurtunity during fajr salath to hear recitation of the Haram Imam Baleela.During that period the entire Sura Towbah was recited by the Imamwith small versus which begins on the first day and ends on the last day of my presence in Makka Mukarrama. It was so heartening to hear the Qur'anic versus which flows deep into the heart and soul. Alhamdulillah

Anonymous said...

Mashallaah very very melodious voice