Sheikh Ahmed Basnawy

Sheikh Khalid Ghamdi

Sheikh Farooq Hadrawi

Sheikh Salah Al Budayr
JazakAllah Brother Umar for sharing this.


Anonymous said...

Wow how lucky brother Umar to get near the shoyouks. Did anybody speak english apart from sheikh basnawi?

Muhammad Yasir said...

Good Job !

umar said...

@Anonymous 1
Sheikh Mulla Ali Ahmad speaks very good English. I am really much impressed by the English of Shekh Basnawy & Sheikh Mulla Ali Ahmad. However Sheikh Budair can understand some English.

umayr786 said...

brother umar you are very lucky to speak to the muzzains in English, jazakAllah for sharing

Hekmatyar said...

How can i find the complete Qur'an mp3 from voice of sheikh khalid ghamdi? Could you help?