Hajj 2012 Arafa Khutuba & Salah ~ 1433

Adhan (Sheikh Farooq Hadrawi)
Salah Duhur + Asr (Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ale Sheikh)

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Hajj Khutubah (Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ale Sheikh)

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Anonymous said...


Dear HR Staff, Who's Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ale Sheikh?

Muzahid said...

Glorious!!! Marvelous!!! As if Sea Wave!!! Since teen age I have enjoyed the khutbah. 10/12 years ago I used to hear by radio. Since 4/5 years in TV. I remember, few years ago the voice was extremely moving and dazzling. Allahu Akbar!!!

Muzahid said...

Honorable HR, could you tell us about age of the grand Sheikh?

Mofizur said...

Assalam-u-Alaikum Brothers & Sisters,

May Allah Qubul our Hajj.I have one question.

I saw Dhuhur & Asr was performed two rakah's each.Is it obligatory to perform Qasr for them?I heard that if Imam is a resident then its obligatory to perform Full Salah.Is there any exception for Arafah?


umar said...

@ Mofizur
Brother I think it is compulsory for every haji that he offer Qasr Salaah.

Anonymous said...

Shaikh Abdul Aziz Ale Sheikh is mufti saudi arabia