24th Dhul Qadah 1433 ~ 10th October 2012

Makkah Fajr
(Surahs Mutafifeen and Burooj) Sheikh ibn Humaid

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MYK said...

Amazing! Looks like Sheikh Humaid wil lbe doing Jumah this week? (im just assuming, I DONT know)

The Rota for the past 2 days has been a killer!!! :))))Shiekh Talib (Fajr), Sheikh Mahir (Maghrib), Sheikh Ghamdi (Isha) than Sheikh Humaid (Fajr), Sheikh Mahir (Maghrib) and his Excellence Sheikh Shuraim (Isha)!! Only missing The Respected Sheikh Sudais!

I hope this Rota continues for the near future.


Anonymous said...

MashAllah he is back after about 50 days. Nice to see him back.