7th Shawwal 1433 - 24th August 2012

Madinah Isha
(Surat Al-Furqaan 63-77 wa Ash-Shuaraa 205-227) Sheikh Ale Sheikh

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Anonymous said...

He sounds a bit like sheikh Subayyl

-HR STAFF- said...

Not a bit, Sheikh was imitating Sheikh Subayyal completely.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, he has been reading in Sh.Subayyal's style from few days now.

Anonymous said...

He Recitated In Many Styles In Taraweeh/ Tahajjud

Sheikh Subbayil
Sheikh Abdul Wadood
There Was 1/2 More But I Cant Remember Now

حمزه كسجى said...

What Is The Latest On Sheikh Subayyil ?

Anonymous said...

could you please show me another imitations which have been done by sheikh hussain?