Sheikh Khaalid al Ghamdi - India 2012

Lucknow: The Imam, Masjid Al Haram Shareef, Makkah (Saudi Arabia), Shiekh Khalid bin Ali Al Ghamdi's was given grand welcome at Nadwatul Uloom on Wednesday, where hundreds of students attaining Islamic education gathered to pray behind him.

For getting a glimpse of Imam-e-Haram, scores of people gathered from surroundings areas of the district to listen his address.

While addressing the gathering, Imam-e-Haram expressed his happiness to the country. He said: "I was very happy to know that in India, the madrasa's are large in numbers and [are] successfully imparting education amongst the people. They should continue doing so and increase their quality too."

While stressing on importance of education, he advised that in the present time, image of Muslim community has been distorted, which needs to be corrected, for the same, there was need to educate the community and none should remain illiterate. "It's education only through which Muslims can get [a] better place in the world," he adds.

He shared that along with education, the Muslims should present themselves as a gentle persons and improve their behaviour, for creating impact on the world. "One should adopt the habit of forgiveness and helping others for leading better life and building. They should not burden people and let them what they are. They should look for the positive things in other and leave out negative things," he added.

He said for helping others firstly they will have to develop the feeling of doing so then only it can be done properly. They should ensure that whatever they do should be within the limits of Shariah Laws only. "If one does something wrong unintentionally, the true Muslim will never react against him instead they should explain with good behaviour to him [of] what is right and what was wrong," he added.

Rector and prominent Muslim Cleric, Maulana Raey Hasan Nadwi, Principal Nadwatul Uloom, Saeed-ur-Rehman Azmi, Imam-e-eidgah and prominent Muslim cleric, Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firhangi Mahali along with other clerics and students were present on the occasion.

Sent by Brother Naqeeb Khan. Jazakallah khair.


zeynah said...

Beautiful pictures of Shaykh Khalid :)
May Allah Bless him Ameen and JazakaAllah Khair for the post looking forwards to the rest InshaAllah

Anonymous said...

Sister Zeynah please don't mind but why do you write MarshaAllah instead of MashaALLAH i can remember someone has already mentioned you about this matter but please use correct spelling as you just dont know if meaning changes by you using R in MashaALLAH... I dunno wer u picked this spelling from which is clearly wrong.

Just a brotherly advise please don't mind.

zeynah said...

I am sorry if that bothers you way Ispell MashaAllah and I don't think it changes the meaning either,however if it make people concerned (the way I spell it) then I will not spell it that way InshaAllah And sorry if I have mistaken in any way.

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Jazakallah khair for takin it positively it resolves the matter widout any1 being hurt or felt hard feelings...sorry for any inconvience caused.

Ahson said...

Do u have the audio or video recording for the event by any chance? Would love to see it!

Anonymous said...

Video Sent To HR