Khutbah Summary

May 4, 2012
The Imam And Khateeb: Sheikh Abdul Musin Muhammad Al Qaasim

Topic: Shukr / Gratitude For Bounties And Gifts That Allah Has Given Us

Muadhins For Jummah: Sheikh Umar Yusuf Kamaal / Sheikh Isaam Hussain Bukhari

The Respected Shaykh Began The Khutbah Praising The Almighty Allah And Sending Salutations Upon The Beloved Prophet Of Allah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam. He Then Began Praising Allah For The Numerous Bounties Allah Has Bestowed Us. He Told The Gathering That It Is Important To Recognise Allah With His Names And Attributes. He Also Began Informing The Gathering Of Adopting Taqwa. The Respected Shaykh Began Informing The Gathering That It Is A Duty Of All Believers To Thank And Show Gratitude For The Numerous Bounties Allah Has Bestowed Upon Us. The Respected Khateeb Began Mentioning And Showed Many Proofs Regarding This Topic.

The Shaykh Then Again Told The Gathering Allah Has Bestowed Many Gifts Upon Us So We Should Thank Allah For This And If We Want To Achieve Success Then We Have To Do That. The Prophet Of Allah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam Also Reminded Us Of This Act Of Showing Gratitude And Recognising All Those Gifts. The Shaykh Began Mentioning About Sayidana Shuaib Alayhis Salam And Musa Alayhisalam And Said ' Oodhkorroo Nimatallah '. Remember Them Even It Might Seem Less Outworldly.

The Shaykh Mentioned Again Stories Of The Sahabas And Prophets And Said It Is Important To Continuely Praise The Almighty Allah And Added Saying That Everything In Between The Heavens And The Earth - Allah Has Created With An Intention To Be Of Service To Us. 'o Alah Guide Us On The Straight Path ' Ihdinas Siraatal Mustaqeem ' (surah Fatiha). The Imam Then Started Getting Emotional During The Khtubah And Said That Allah Is Sending Punishment And His Wrath On Certain Nations So We Should Ask For Afiyah So We Are Saved From Punishment. There May Be An Action Within Our Selves Which Is Bad And Because Of This Allah Might Be Sending Punishment Upon Other Nations Because Of Our Wrong Oings.

The Shaykh Mentioned Thereafter That There Are Two Bounties Which Are Great. One Is ' Assihatu Wal Faraag ' - Good Health And Time Management. When We Eat, Drink, Go To Answer The Call Of Nature, When Something Goes Right For Us Etc We Should Thank Allah. The Shaykh Then Quoted Some Verses From Surah Dhuha. Alam Yajidka Yateeman Faawa, Wawajadaka Dhallan Fahada, Wawajadaka Aaa-ilan Faaghna. The Respected Shaykh Mentioned That We Should Use The Bounties That Allah Has Given And Then Thank Him For It By Praising Him. He Said Before Sleeping We Should Thank Him, When Waking Up Etc.

The Shaykh Encouraged The Gathering To Take Some Time Out And Ponder Upon The Bounties And Gifts That Allah Has Given Us And Then Contemplate Upon Those People Who Have Not Been Given The Same Gift That Allah Has Given Us. E.g. Food, Shelter, Wealth Etc As There Are Many People Throughout The World Who May Not Have Those Gifts. There Are Many Duas To Thank The Almighty Allah, Masnoon Duas Such As Thanking Allah For Feeding Us And Giving Us Safety. To Thank And Praise Allah Is A Prerequesite Which Is Also Mentioned In The Quran. Allah Gives More If We Do Shukr And Be Greatful For These Bounties. Punishment Is More Severe Such As How Fire Consumes A Bit Of Water Spilt.

Water Is Also A Gift - And Then The Shaykh Mentioned A Story About The Prophet Of Allah Sallalahu Alayhi Wasalam To The Nearest Meaning Telling Someone About Some Water Which Was Unused Or Spilt And Told That Person Or People About The Gift Of It. We Should Not Waste Gifts And Bounties Allah Has Given Us.

Allah Will Give But We Should Make Shukr. Again The Khateeb Got Emotional. If We Dont Make Shukr, The Bounty Wont Remain A Bounty. The Respected Shaykh Then Praised The Almighty Allah And Sent Salutations Upon The Beloved Prophet Of Allah Sallalahu Alayhi Wasalam And Informed The Gathering To Sabr And Be Patient And Adopt This Quality Which Is Patience. Very Few Thank Allah For The Bounties Which Allah Has Given. The Shaykh Made Dua For Us To Be Granted Jannat, Be Saved From The Fire Of Jahannam, Prayed For The Ummah At Large, Made Dua For The People Of Syria - Shaam, Made Dua For Rain, And Adopting The Quality Of Ikhlaas, Made Dua For Those Suffering, Made Dua For Assisting And For The Muslims To Be United And That Allah Grants Us The Correct Understanding As Well As Mentioned The Beloved Prophet Of Allah Sallalahu Alayhi Wasalam And The Sahabas In The Second Khutbah.


zeynah said...

SubhnaAllah amazing khutbah by Shaykh Qasim, JazakAllah Khair for the translation.
May Allah help us to always be greatful for all the bounties he (subhana-hu-wa-taallah) has bestowed on us Ameen

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Thank You for this Translation.

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May Allah bless Sheikh Qassim, the translator & all the Muslim ummah.
Pls d translator should not relent & keep on helping to translate other Khutbah, for the benefit of non Arabs like us. May Allah reward us all & increase us in knowledge. Amin

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