14th Jumada ath Thaani 1433 ~ 5th May 2012

Makkah 'Isha
(Surah Naba: Ayaah 17-40) Sheikh Taalib

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ال حسين said...

sheikh juhany is coming for fajr tomorrow sunday he said

Anonymous said...

dear hr why no posts on sheikh khalid ghamidis visits to lucknow plz plz

Anonymous said...

WOW, BROTHER, have u met him??

Anonymous said...

@ال حسين:
It's sad that brother Al Husain wants to impart information through incorrect ways. As we can see, Al Husain has posted the comment at 04:45 AM on 6th May. This is the time at which the Fajr Salah at Haram Al Makki is started (see video of 6th may Fajr). It's clear that he saw the salah live and posted the comment stating that "Sheikh Juhany told him so and so". Feeling sorry for Al Husain, I don't understand whose attention he wants, is it Public?? By his comment I think so. But actually he should be truthful to oneself first, and others as we are seeing the most important places in Islam. It's not a joke.

Anonymous said...

Well let's just enjoy this beautiful salah by sheikh taalib. May Allah forgive our sins and guide us.