28th Jumada al Awwal 1433 ~ 20th April 2012

Makkah Jumuah Khutbah and Salaah
Sheikh Saud ash Shuraim

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Salaah: Surahs 'Alaa and Ghashiya

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Abdus Samad said...

Surah: Aalaa and Ghashiya

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! MashaaAllah.

JazakAllahuKhayr HR-Team

zeynah said...

outstanding Kutbah/Salah
by Shaykh Shuraim, May Allah reward him Ameen

Hamzah Imtiaz said...

HR Staff, When will you upload the Shaykh Esam Ali Khan Adhan videos?
Excellent Khutbah by Shaykh Shuraim. May Allah reawrd HR Staff with the best in this world and the best in the hereafter.

Anonymous said...

salam alaykoum,could one of you kindly translate the khutba?May Allah reward you.Ameen.
May Allah reward you HR team for the videos.Ameen

umayr786 said...

nice to see sheikh shuraim

mushtaq said...

when shuraim will lead the other salaah leaving friday salaah.i like to listen his recititations.

umar said...

Last time when Sheikh shuraim lead friday prayer, I was there. Inshaallah I will be there again.
The minbar of Imam has been change. It was white.

sister from south africa said...

sheikh read isha in December when i was there

Anonymous said...

v nice khutbah n salah as shuraim's speciality glad to listen his live salah after a 5 weeks hope he will cme soon again



Anonymous said...

Sheikh Shuraim is Sheikh Shuraim,simply amazing khutba nd he has a very unique style,can't wait till Ramadhan where Sheikh Shuraims recitation would touch the heart even more.

Hamzah Imtiaz said...

@Sister from South Africa, Just wondering how did you go in December, aren't visas for outsiders closed during that time?

Hamzah Imtiaz said...

@Umar, They use 2 Minbars in Makkah, the white one, which has about 9 steps and has been in use just for about 6 or 7 years and the brown one, which had been in use since the 90's. If you go on Youtube and type in "Sheikh Shuraim" or "Sheikh Sudais Khutbah Rare 1995" you will see in that video the brown minbar. Usually they use the brown Minbar, since it only has 3 steps in the area where they do Taraweeh, below where the Muadhin stands, since the roof is lower. But when they stand next to the Kabah, it is usually the white one but maybe they just felt like using it. And Allah knows best.

umar said...

I agree with the anonymous that "Sheikh Shuraim is Sheikh Shuraim" indeed.
@Hamzah Imtiaz, JazakAllah akhee for providing this information.

sister from south africa said...

yes visas are closed from hajj starts and only opens end of Safar
They open the kaba during this time and have a huge qiraat competition in the haram.You can also kiss the hajri aswad in every round of tawaaf freely and comfortably it i really wonderful alhamdulilah allah taala takes us for for the month of December and January

shabana said...


I like shaikh shuraim most I want to keep hearing voice