24th Jumada al Awwal 1433 ~ 15th April 2012

Makkah 'Isha
(Surahs Shams and Layl) Sheikh Taalib

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sister from south africa said...

Sheikh Taalib ...isha
Sheikh Muaiqily...maghrib
Sheikh Juhany...fajr


Anonymous said...

Sheikh Abdullah Basnawi has not done the Iqama for three weeks in a row. Sheikh Majid Al Abbas has been covering for him.

Anonymous said...

Dear HR team,
May you please upload Sheikh Thubaity's asr if possible? please let us know if u have the recording

Anonymous said...

Sheikh KHayaath

Sheikh Ghamdi

Anonymous said...

Sheikh khayat duhr and juhany asr

Anonymous said...

Sheikh juhany hasnt led asr for two days.

And someone close to sheikh basnawi recently passed away

ahliya amjad said...

jazakallah to HR team this the first time seeing imaam while ruku and sajda awesome recitation of surah shams.May God bless him