15th Jumada al Awwal 1433 ~ 6th April 2012

Madeenah 'Isha
(Surah Zukhruf: Ayaah 67-80) Sheikh Budayr

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Anonymous said...

mashallah muadhin Sami dehwali's back after many months off. i was missing his adhans/iqama

Japan_1 said...

Sheikh Hudaifi has retired from the post of Imam. This news was posted by Sheikh Salah al Budair on his Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Not to be mean, or to disrespect you. But the FB page your talking about is not Sheikh Budair himself.

"This page is NOT run by Sheikh Salah al Budair nor some one on his behalf the main purpose of this page is to share fans views about Sheik Salah al Budair..." (From his FB page)

So that is not a verified source i would say. ALLAH knows whats right and wrong. Please forgive me if I am wrong.


- HR Staff - said...

Yes, none of the imaams pages on Facebook has personal connection to the imaams themselves. We did post that news as well previously though.

Japan_1 said...

Thank you @MYK and @HR staff for the correct info. JazakAllah

I am sorry to all if I became a source for wrong message sharing. May Allah (s.w.t.) forgive us all. Aameen.


Anonymous said...

okay salamz haramain staff i have a very important question which needs 2 be answered if possible is sheikh huzaify really retired?????wasalam plz answer if possible A.S.A.P

- HR Staff - said...

Yes. And Allah knows best.

Brother from UK said...

Salam all, Alhamdulillah I had the oppertunity to go for umrah and I was told from a reliable source that Imam Hudaifi has not retired, but is currently on leave from Imaamat. Allah knows best.