14th Jamaad Al-Awwal 1433 - 5th April 2012

Makkah Maghrib
(Surat An-Nasr wa Al-Ikhlaas) Sheikh Ghazzawi

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sister from south africa said...

allahs mercy is decending its raining

those who are there are very lucky.

zeynah said...

Alot of rain and Thunderstorm I'v never seen really shocked,
and Muazzin Muhammad Ali Shakir
is one of by favourate Muazzin MarshaAllah

Anonymous said...

dear hr staff please inform us what is the repair going on in the mathaaf right in front of the maqaam

Anonymous said...

HR Staff this is Azan of Magrib Salah.. thank you

- HR Staff - said...

^ As well as the salaah, it's all in one video together.

umar said...

I was there at that time. I did Tawaf in rain. I enjoyed those moments from my soul. Allah blessed me so much to take these wonderful moments of my life.