17th Rabee al Thani 1433 ~ 8th March 2012

Makkah Maghrib
(Surah ) Sheikh Mu'ayqali

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Anonymous said...

Surat alHAJJ(38-46) mashaallah!!!! amazing! i wish sheikh Maahir all the happiness in his life n afterwards inshaallah,because i am realy happy when he is the imam.HR team jazakumullah kheir for ur great job!!

Anonymous said...

HR team amazing job! jazakumullah kheir. i think wrong date,8th March instead of 7th.Mashaallah sheikh Maahir absolutly wonderful mashaallah bless him ameen.

zeynah said...

Ameen @ Anon1 and 2
I really like listening to the recitaton of SHK Mahir MarshaAllah no words can describe how beautiful he recites :)