4th Rabee al Thani 1433 ~ 26th February 2012

Makkah Fajr
(Surah Qassas 76-88) Sheikh Ghamdi

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Anonymous said...

the mattaf is packed its almost full

Anonymous said...

the haaram is like a pearl it glows and shines in the dark night thousands of people throughout the world come to view this precious pearl which cannot match any palace or and kings crown because it is not touched or viewed by the disbelievers it sparkles with noor and light which no man nor king can ever make or have in their palace it is the most desirable place for every muslim.

Anonymous said...

^ Very true. I wish I could live in Makkah, preferably the closest house to Haram (if I could just buy an apartment in Hilton).

sister from south africa said...

oh how i even wish i could buy an apartment in hilton that would be fantastic!

umayr786 said...