26th Rabee al Awwal 1433 ~ 18th February 2012

Makkah Fajr
(Surahs Yunus 96-109) Sheikh Juhany

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sister from south africa said...

plesase give me a list of the muazzins who are alive and still are in makkah and madina


Anonymous said...

Excuse Me where are previous prayers for maghrib nd esha for yesterday i have been waiting fr long time

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Dear HR Staff!

It is very unfortunate for us.., Sheikh Sudais is leading Mogrib Salah and you did not upload 17th and 18th Feb Mogrib Salah. Please do not disappoint us!

Please do Upload them!

Thanks! Jazakumullahu Khaira Wa Ahsanul Jaza!

Anonymous said...

Wow Sheikh Juhany is the youngest imaam and he recites so beautifully. May Allah bless all the imams.