2nd Muharram 1433 ~ 27th November 2011

Makkah Fajr
(Surah Fussilat 19-39) Sheikh Juhany

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Anonymous said...

juhany is back yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

haramain fan said...

masha Allah very nice

Anonymous said...

so excited to my favourite Sheikh Juhany back.

Anonymous said...

The Muadhin Of Masjid Haram Had Recently Passed Away

Mehran said...

Which Muazzin passed away??

Makkah,Saudi Arabia

Anonymous said...

who?? wat is the name of muaddhin?

Anonymous said...

The Muadhin that past away was Sheikh Abdul Aziz Raees, one of the oldest muazzins in Makkah. He only used to give the adhan for Dhur and Asr prayers. There were 13 muadhins but now there are only 12 muadhins.
The 12 muadhins are:

Sheikh Naif Fayda (Chief Muadhin)
Sheikh Ali Ahmed Mullah
Sheikh Farook Hadrawi
Sheikh Majid Al Abbas
Sheikh Abdullah Basnawi
Sheikh Esam Ali Khan
Sheikh Ahmed Khoja
Sheikh Ali Ahmed Nuhas
Sheikh Tufeeq Khoj
Sheikh Ali Shakir
Sheikh Siraj Maroof
Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf

Anonymous said...

Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Assad Reese

Fariha said...

when did he pass away ?

Anonymous said...

The Last Adhan Was Given On Saturday Last Week Which Can Be Seen On Youtube