7th Dhul Qa'dah 1432 - 3rd October 2011

Makkah Maghrib
(Surat An-Naziaat 15-46) Sheikh Sudais
Emotional MashaAllah

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Anonymous said...

wow, manshalla, subhanallah. mazing.
my allah protect the believing women and the believing men.( Allah is the king of the heaven and the earth)

Anonymous said...

Mashallah! Sudais is amazing & unique

MYK said...

MashALLAH, Sheikh Sudais is really amazing, especially when he recites the surahs in the latter half of the Holy Quran.

Really amazing Maghrib!!

Anonymous said...

excellent recitation Mashallah.beautiful God gifted voice imam sudais makes it more beautiful by his awesome recitation.

Anonymous said...

mashallah truelly awesome and amazing Maya allah give him a best Regards and protect him