23rd Dhul Qa'dah 1432 - 19th October 2011

Makkah Maghrib
(Surah Infitar) Sheikh Muaiqily

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Anonymous said...

mashAllah..respected my sheikh Imam Maher come mashAllah
beautiful voice alhumduliLLah
a voice from Jannah

Anonymous said...

dear haramain, can you please make him read fajr salah?

Anonymous said...

Masha ALLAH subhanAllah our sheikh mahir is back May Allah bless u always we love u sheikh
Masha ALLAH beautiful heart touching voice

Anonymous said...

Assallaam o Alaikum
who iz reciting the Aqaamah????
iz he sheikh Ahmed Ali Mullah.....????

Anonymous said...

Iqaamah is by Sheikh Ahmad Ali Nuhaas

nadaz45 said...

i think his rota has been arranged.Normally he will leads fajr,maghrib and isha' but maybe bcause this is hajj season so the rota will be different..love his voice smoothly.

Anonymous said...

my sheikh is back alhamdulillah.

zeynah said...

Alhamulillah SHK Mahir is back missed listining to him a lot