Request from a sister

Email we received from her.

Hope u all are fine with the best of emaan.
Brothers and sisters could you please guide me if you have any information regarding how to apply/get enrolled as a female gate keeper of Haram (they are called Shurti in Arabic)? What are the requirements to become a female Gate Keeper for Haram? Moreover can anyone become a female gate keeper or is it necessary to be a permanent resident of Saudi Arabia.
Please do guide me and provide me with information so that I can contact the relevant authorities for further details. Would really appreciate that.
Many thanks.
Kind regards
Sister in Islam "


abood said...

please translate the below for the sister

after very hard research i found the proof that you can only apply to work in Makkah or Madinah Haram only if you are saudi NATIONAL?


تعليمات التقديم للتوظيف

أن يكون سعودي الجنسية

ألا يقل عمر المتقدم عن 19 سنة ولا يزيد عن 50 سنة

أن يكون مناسبا للعمل بالمسجد
النبوي من حيث الخلق والمظهر

أن يكون المؤهل الأدنى الشهادة

أن يكون متفرغا للعمل

اجتياز المقابلة الشخصية

أن تكون جميع البيانات المدخلة صحيحة وتحت مسؤوليته

حضور الدورة التدريبية المخصصة

Anonymous said...

I dont know but I also want to know it. It is my dream to become permanent Khadim of Haram.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alykum

i think from what i know is that you have to be a saudi national ! thats one of the main requirments wallahu' alam

Aslam said...

Salaam sister, I was in Madinah earlier this year and spoke to one of the guards there. What he said was because of all the different races of Muslims that visit both the sacred cities they require all types of applicants to be gate keepers. You do not have to be a Saudi, some of the gate keepers are from Bangladesh Pakistan etc. So firstly make dua to Allah for your request and apply inshallah you will be accepted.


abood said...


only saudi nationals can do this job

Anonymous said...

Dear BROTHER( live in madina) can u plz tell me how can i apply over there i dont know when they will open vacancies have u any idea?? thank u soo much for ur guidance i really thankfull to u
sister in islam

الساعية الى الجنة said...

Assalaamu Alaykum
The best thing would be to go to the main website of Saudi Arabia... They have one.. I will post it in the next comment and ask them Insha Allah...

Anonymous said...


CAN any one plz translate this??
as early as possible

Anonymous said...

i know there are agencies in pakistan which make our space in haram and madina they leave us for 2 years or four months . if athorities in haram and madina observe that you are working seriously they wil permanant you . i have a n uncle who worked for two years in madina . i also have plan after my studies