2nd Dhul Qa'dah 1432 - 28th September 2011

Makkah Maghrib
(Surat Al-Qamar 40-55 wa Al-Qariah) Sheikh Sudais

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Anonymous said...

Manshallah! my ALLAH protect sheikh Sudais and all the Muslims.

Anonymous said...

mashallah really very beautiful s.Qamar little bit emotional i like soo much

Anonymous said...

MashaAllAH, my ALLA (swt)protect all the Sheikhs! and everyone that fights for Muslim and believe in AlLAh and his messengers, his angels and the quran.

Fan of Shaykh Sudais+Mu'aiqaly said...


This Shaykh is nothing less than a perfectionist!!!

He left me in astonishment.

Anonymous said...

well! I guess u know a lot about sheikh sudais. kan you tell me if he was in India. to Fan of Shaykh Sudais+Mu'aiqaly from a sister.