Night 16 Ramadhan 1432 - Madinah Taraweeh

Madinah Taraweeh - صلاة التراويح من مدينة
1st 10 Rakaats led by Sheikh Imaad Hafidh
-العشر ركعات الاولى للشيخ عماد حافظ

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Last 10 Rakaats led by Sheikh Husaain Ale Sheikh
العشر ركعات الاخرى للشيخ حسين ال شيخ

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------------------------------------------------------------------------- Witr and Dua Al Qunoot by Sheikh Hussain Ale Sheikh
الصلاة الوتر ودعاء القنوت للشيخ حسين ال شيخ

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Anonymous said...

why not have sheikh Thubaity or khlid al ghamdi ?

Anonymous said...

Salam. i want to ask tht all the people of Madina TUN nabi have same voices as i hav observed tht all the muazzins at masjid e nabvi(S.A.W) have same voice.or they have made to adopt such voicE. all of them have gr8 voices MASHALLAH!. Saad Al Ghamdi must be given once again the oppertunity 4 taraweeh salah at masjid e nabvi.

محب الحرمين said...

الله اكبر صوت مميز في صلاة الوتر.يا شيخ حسين الله يحييك حياة طيبة في الدارين.