Night 14 Ramadhan 1432 - Makkah Taraweeh

Makkah Taraweeh - صلاة التراويح من مكة
1st 10 Rakaats led by Saud Ash-Shuraim -
العشر ركعات الاولى للشيح سعود الشريم

Truly Awesome MashaAllah,Emotional

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Last 10 Rakaats led by Mahir Al-Muaiqily - العشر ركعات الاخرى للشيخ الماهر المعيقلي

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Witr and Dua Al Qunoot by Sheikh Mahir Al-Muaiqily
الصلاة الوتر ودعاء القنوت للشيخ الماهر المعيلقلي

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Moynul Islam said...

maashaAllah, excellent as always! I'm a bit disappointed that Shaykh Shuraym won't get a chance to recite Surahs Hijr, Maryam and Muminoon this year, because he's been reciting them for the last 4 years and he recites them amazingly (esp Ramadaan 1429). But alhamdulillah, inshaAllah, we will hear Shaykh Sudais recite Taha tomorrow. He recited Surah Taha excellently and emotionally in 1426/1427AH.

Anonymous said...

Sheikh Shuraim's recitation of suratul Isra was absolutely amazing.
May Allah accept our fasting.
Mamadou, NL

Anonymous said...

i had miss sheikh shuraim's taraveh due to heavy rain n power failure no doubt his all recitations r absolutely splendid. May ALLAH always bless him

abdul GHAFFAR said...

today after listening Sura Isra from Sheikh Shuraim somehow i felt that he had sore throat or the sound quality was not up to the mark.. None the less great as ever..

Anonymous said...

Akhi Moynul Islam, I disagree. I actually surprised and very happy that Sheikh Shuraim got to read something different after 4 years! Finally! lol. He has been reading the same suras and I wanted something different really.

Abdul Ghaffar, he did have a sore throat. But the Sheikh never fails to leave us in awe.

Anonymous said...

why dont the policemen have beards?

Anonymous said...

let us not judge them , first judge ourselves. You dont know how pious they may be , theyre in the Harams 24 hours.

Ibraheem Birniwa said...

Sheikh Saud Shuraim recitation is really amazing, I always feel like crying when listening to his recitation. Surah Yusuf was his best recitation since the beginning of Ramadan 1432. May Allah bless him and all other Mu'minoun!

zeynah said...

I think that both Sheikhs Recited extremely awesome MarshaAllah Surah Isra And Surah Al-Kahf, it was emotional aswell also the witr was amazing.

MYK said...

MashALLAH! Very nice and mind blowing recitation by Sheikh Shuraim

Does anyone know why Sheikh Maher does not raise his hands in the start of Dua, and does so later on?

Sheikh Shuraim: Sura Isra 1-End
Sheikh Maher: Surah Kahf 1-82

Anonymous said...

salaam. I thimk HR should write awesome for other imaams and not just sheikh shuraim as they all read amazing

Muhammad said...

@brother MYK, wen u praise Allah Subahanhu Wata'ala no need to rise hands, need to rise hands wen we making Dua.. he doesnt raise wen starting because he praising Allah , and does so later wen we enter in real DUA..Hope u understand . Allah knows Best..

Anonymous said...

mashAllah awesome recitation by sheikh shuraim