Live Recording - 11th Aug 2011

Salaat Al Fajr
Sheikh Bandar Bal'ila
Aziziah Junoob,Makkah
Surah Fatir 15-30


Anonymous said...

surah fatiha sounds like sheikh usama khayyat

Anonymous said...

can any one plz upload the complete recitation of Sheikh Bandar Bal'ila

Anonymous said...

Their Mic System Is Wicked

umayr786 said...

mashallah yes i see the resembleance with sheikh khayyat, and mic system is definately very nice, if anybody has more please do upload! jazakallahkhairun

zeynah said...

SubhanAllah, MarshaAllah Shiekh Bandar's Recitation is beautiful and i don't think he recites like Sheikh Khayyat in my opinion he has his own voice.
JazakAllah HR for your effort.

Anonymous said...

Yep agree about the wicked sick nasty mic system :)

Shaykh Nabiil said...

dear hr team, there was a link called quran 1 for makkah ad sunna 2 for madina where we could watch haramain live at any time from internet but its not working anymore, do you know why?
is there any other way to watch live haram from the internet?

Jazakumullah khair

Anonymous said...

zeynah, here at the beginning