28th July 2011 ~ 28th Shabaan 1432

Makkah Maghrib
(Surahs Ma'idah 116-120 and Tawbah 128-129) Sheikh Ghamdi

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Anonymous said...

Masha Allah the prayer is Awesome and emotionalI wish Sheikh Khalid could lead taraweeh this year

Ahson said...

So emotional, amazing mashaAllah!

I believe we do not have any official confirmation of the rotas for taraweeh so far, as in which imamas would lead in the even nights and which in the odd nights and who would lead the 1st 10 rakaats.. am i right? normally, by this time, we have some sort of official notification.. If there is some final confirmed rota for taraweeh, can the HR team please post it..jazakallah

Anonymous said...

Salam HR Team,

When is Taraweeh suppose to start? the Isha Namaz on Sunday July 31st or Monday Aug 1st?

Anonymous said...

If there is a possibility of 29 Days In Shabaan. Taraweeh Can Be On Saturday. Or Maybe Sunday If 30 Days.