27th July 2011 ~ 26th Shabaan 1432

Makkah Fajr
(Surah Muminoon 51-100) Sheikh Juhany

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zeynah said...

MarshaAllah i think this is one of the longest Magrib prayer

zeynah said...

I meant to say fajr prayer

Haramain Recordings said...

No, this is not the longest, last month there was fajr by Sheikh Juhany of more then 18 mins, without rukus & sujuds.

Haramain Recordings said...

Here is the Link


zeynah said...

Jazakallah HR 4 the link i must of miss that recording,i thought is was one of the longest but i made a mistake.

Anonymous said...

this was my first meeting with Makkah. arriving after ishaa, just chilling at the hotel, can't sleep at all... go out, it's time for fajr... dream coming true after sooooo many years, alhamdulillah! a moment that will remain deep inside my heart forever. alhamdulillah!