20th July 2011 ~ 19th Shabaan 1432

Makkah Fajr
(Surat An-Naml 76-93) Sheikh Juhany

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basharat said...

Dear HR Team, Any idea about the Ramazan Rota at Haramain. Kindly share.

Roishuddin said...

thank u brother (the one who has answered me regarding Shiekh Thubaity)he is even my favouritttttttttttttttttttte recitor i really like that Shiekh may AALAH reward him a perfect recovery so that he comes back.I really like his voice and qirat (specially the way he finishes Surah fatiha)
Dear HR staff its a request from me tht it wud be wonderful if you upload a good qualities videos of Shiekh Bary Ath Thubaity Fajr salaat (and atleast one salaat where Surah Rahman is recited by him).I iam not forcing u either. Even if you cannot plzz reply me otherwise i may think tht HR has not paid attention to my words
Assalaamu Alaikum

Raiyan said...

Brother Roishuddin, did you know how our Sheikh Thubaity was made imaam and khateeb at the prophet's mosque? A brother told me a story. Sheikh thubaity was an imam at an army base, cantonment or something. One day the late king, khaadimul haramain Fahd ra'himahullaah attended a programme there and prayed maghreeb led by sheikh thubaity. malik Fahd was so amazed to listen to such an outstanding, beautiful and pious recitation. After the salaah the king walked to sheikh thubaity and said, " Yalla why should you be here? I'll send you to haram!!"