5th April 2011 ~ 2nd Jumada al Awwal 1432

Makkah 'Isha
(Surah Noor 11-22) Sheikh Ghamdi

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Anonymous said...


The roof is open to public now nice to see that, anyone know why?

- HR Staff - said...

Probably because there's a bigger crowd.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful I use to love when shieik Ghamdi used to recite like this! Mashallah!

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah I was there for this salaah and managed to get right near Maqam Ibrahim. Sheikh Ghamdi is my favorite.

It was absolutely packed. My travel agent said this Umrah season has been the busiest in over 20 years.

I went for hajj 2 years ago and this Umrah trip was definitely not as busy as hajj, but a lot more crowded than I had anticipated.

Normally the imaam stands behind Maqam Ibrahim and the roof is not busy. However, when it's this crowded, the imaam stands right in front of the door of Bait-il-Atiq and a lot of people end up on the roof. This happens at hajj and during Ramadaan and for busy Umrah days. I also prayed on the roof for some salaah and that, too, was quite busy (though not quite full like hajj).