Live Recordings - 11th December 2009

Salaat Al Isha by Sheikh Talib

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Salaat Al Maghrib by Sheikh Ghzzawi

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Azan by Sheikh Hadrawi
Awesome Amazing Lovely Melodious

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Azan by Sheikh Bansawii

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umayr said...

beautifull azaans, sheikh farooqs azaan was really beautiful, really touched my heart, jazakhakihairun !

Anonymous said...

Shaykh Talib WOW Amazing recitation and shaykh Hadrawi old school takbirs.

The Little Explorer said...

how can you tell the difference between sh Hadhrawi and sh Basnawi? they both sound soooooooo similar... it's confusing sometimes...

Ahson said...

Shiekh Farooq Hadrawi's azaan was superb, heart warming!

Anonymous said...

Brother Muhammed u are right they both(Hadhrawi & Basnawi) have same pitch but there is great difference in style, tone length etc,, i suggest you to listen the azans again with concentration and you will notice the difference.

JazakAllah Haramain team keep up your efforts!!