16th December 2009 - 29th Dhul Hajjah 1430

Makkah Fajr
(Surat Al-Fussilaat 39-54) Sheikh Juhany

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Afaaq said...

I swear, i listened the IQAMAT, i thought SHeikh JUHANY givin Iqamat!!
MashALLAH v.fluuuent telawat..
(if winds blowwwin in bkgground , wuld b MARVELOUS))

Ahmad-Mostafa said...

Asalam wa Aleikum!

Very nice Iqamat and very nice Recitation of Salate Fajir.Allahmdullilah.

Dear Brother Afaaq , You do not need to swear...!
We believe you without "swearing", when you are making a comment.
Only a very few seconds of Iqamat sounds like Emminence Sheikh A.Juhanny, to my opinion.
But the new young Muazin in Makkah 1430 , I do not know his correct name has a very very clear and high tone powerful voice.
I really would listen to his recitation of Al Fatiha! Do any body know if he is also Imam of Prayer?
Thank you all very much,brothers and sisters,who are listening carefully to Haramain
Salat Recordings or by TV, RADIO etc.
Thank and Praise Allah for all these gifts to humans!

Every Imam in Makkah and Maddinah is very good, each in his own style of Recitation of Quran and when You listen really carefully to them with full concentration, you will love Your Brothers!!!
I do like every Imam of these Holy Places!
Allhamdullilah Always!
Salam Aleikum w.R.
Ahmad-Mostafa from Europe