Peace Conference 2009

Dua by Sheikh Salah Al Bukhatir

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Anonymous said...

It's not the good video

Anonymous said...

this is not sheikh bukhatir du3a but adhan from Madinah

Anonymous said...

masha allah

UmmSulaiman said...

His voice is really good is he the brother of Ahmad Bukatir?....The nasheed singer? he an imam in saudi??

Anonymous said...

yes he is Sheikh Ahmad Bukhatir's brother. No he's not an Imam in Saudi, he is from UAE, Sharjah to be more specific and he is a businesman. However, Alhamdullilah he leads the Taraweeh every year in a masjid in Sharjah.
Alhamdullilah I have had the opportunity to pray while he was leading. May Allah protect him.