21st September 2009 - 3rd Shawwal 1430

Madinah Maghrib
(Surat Al-Ahzaab 56-62) Sheikh Ale Sheikh

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Abdulrashid Umar said...

Assalamu Alaikum
All Praise is due to Allah SWA who broght us into being and planted Islam in our hearts. And I will like to also thank you for your constructive role in spraying the words of Allah may Allah SWA reward you for that.
I just want to request from the designers of this blessed website, that please if possible upgrade its speediness, sincerely speaking we can not access to it all the time eventhough we would like to extract many things from it.
Jazakumullahu khair
Abdurraashid Umar
Faculty of pharmacy
International Islamic University

HRstaff said...

Assalaam u alaikum Bro Abdulrashid Umar,
We apologize for the slow browsing that you are experiencing. Unfortunately, at this point, this is the best we can provide. Perhaps, if you try uprgrading your internet, the site may load faster. Meanwhile, what you can do is instead of watching a salaat on the mainpage, click the title (i.e. the date) so it loads to a different page and watch it from there. It generally tends to load faster in such circumstances.
Once again I apologize for the slowness.
JazakAllah Khair for your patience,
Assalaam u alaikum