18th August 2009 ~ 28th Sha'baan 1430

Madeenah 'Isha
Surahs Zalzalah and Humazah, Sheikh ale Sheikh

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Anonymous said...

Sheikh Adel Kalbani imamate participate in the Holy Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan Alambarcfhi permit to His Excellency the Vice President-General of the affairs of the Grand Mosque, Sheikh Mohammed bin Nasser Al-brass evaluate Oharfait that year, Mr. President, for the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque, Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Rahman al-Sheikh told Rokkas Adel Ben Salem Kalbani to participate in the Imamate, the Holy Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan 1429

Anonymous said...

Sheikh Salah Bin Mohammed Albdir
Born in the city of Hofuf Al Ahsa province, one of the cities of the eastern region
Educated in the city of Hofuf
Is followed by the eldest son of his brother, Sheikh Nabil them sound very similar and form a little
Start in front of people at the secondary level is about 1406 and was praying alternately with Sheikh Ahmed peaceful Sihe
Governor of Al Ahsa Mchaik
Received his university education at the University of mother Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic Sharia law in the Department of Al-Ahsa Branch
And the Higher Institute for the Elimination of
Was initially appointed in the city of Dammam and then moved to the city of Riyadh and then transferred to the Medina in parallel with the ruler
Sheikh is open to the chest and the strange calm Iasark not feel
Live in a city the Prophet Rabweh a judge of the city's Great Court
Kcha keep the heart of God, one of the Tamim tribe

Anonymous said...

Mohammed Ayoub Bin Mohamed Yousef Omar Bin Sulaiman
Born in Mecca in 1372 e. Grew up with and received his first, where the Quran by Sheikh / Abdul Rahman Bin Khalil reader at a mosque bin Laden's group daaras e in 1385, and obtained the certificate of primary school teaching the Koran of the Education Ministry in 1386 e, and then moved to Medina and studied intermediate and secondary stages in the city, the Institute of Scientific and graduated in 1392 in which e
He joined the Islamic University and graduated in the Faculty of Sharia in 1396 e, and then allocated in the interpretation and Quranic Studies, received a master's degree from the Faculty of Quran, and was the subject of the message ((Saeed Bin Jubair and Mroyate in the first interpretation of the Koran to another AL repentance))
And obtained a doctorate from the same faculty in 1408 H, and was the subject of the letter: ((Mruyat Saeed Bin Jubair in the interpretation of the first annual Al Koran to another)).
Work after graduation at the university level, the first lecturer of the Faculty of the Koran 1397 1398 e, examinations and assigned to the secretariat of the total period of ten years, and became a member of the faculty in the Department of interpretation since his doctorate, and remained in that post until the date of preparation of this translation in 1418 e.
In addition to serving as the university is a member of the Scientific Committee of King Fahd Complex for printing the Holy Quran. It also took the ruler and the rhetoric in the number of
Of mosques in the city, including: Imam of the Prophet's Mosque in the cooperative since 1410 e
. Koubaa imam at a mosque for Taraweeh prayer and
Imam of the mosque Alnnabip 1394 1403 e
Imam Abdullah al-Husseini mosque from 1403 e
As of the date of this translation. Working in a mosque preachers, Ahmed bin Hanbal Baharp East
In addition to studying in government schools and the university has schooled many of the sheikhs and scholars in the city, and they studied the color of forensic science, including interpretation and Sciences, the doctrine of the four schools of thought, talk and Sciences and Mstalha, interpretation and the principles of jurisprudence, and other
One of the elderly: Sheikh Abdul Aziz Mohamed Osman Sheikh Mohamed Sayed Tantawi, Sheikh Akram Sheikh Mohammed Zia age Shanqeeti Secretary Sheikh Abdel Mohsen Sheikh Abbad Abdullah Mohammed Sheikh Abu Bakr Aghanniman Algerian and other
Received a number of holidays in the readings, including: leave HAFS story of the readers of the city, Sheikh Hassan bin Ibrahim Al-Shaer, and Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh Khalil bin Abdul Rahman reader
Participated in a number of seminars and conferences, including: the Youth Forum in the city of Kambis in Brazil with a delegation from the Islamic University
To teach Arabic in a number of Islamic countries: Pakistan, Turkey, Senegal, Malaysia. Can Taraweeh prayers in a mosque in Birmingham, UK on behalf of the Islamic University
Sheikh Muhammad Ayyoub of readers known in the UK and the Islamic world, and has recordings of the Koran in the radio and television, has a record of King Fahd Complex for printing the Holy Quran Koran fully where they are broadcast from the Quran radio station, and also recorded readings and prayers in the mosque of Prophet Mohammad , which is published as well as turn on the radio

Anonymous said...

Imam of Mecca's Holy Shrine.
Vote in a beautiful way to read the Koran and the strong influence of the rhetoric ..

Sheikh biography and information about his life


Saud bin Ibrahim bin Mohammed "Amir blonde" Bin Ibrahim Bin Nasser Bin Ibrahim Bin Mohammad Bin Shraim, grandfather, Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Shuraim is the commander of the blonde after the death of Hjrv Bawardi year 1322 and continued until 1325, then the request for exemption of the city and took the Principality after Muhammad ibn Saud Issa, until his death in 1340, and his family are the people Shuraim blonde and Aharakis learn the secret of the tribe of Bani Zeid tribe and is known in other countries, including the family, known as the poet Ben Solomon, who died in 1363 Shreim

Born in Riyadh in 1386 H, studied primary school in the den and then medium, then the model secondary school in the Yarmouk overall secondary and graduated in 1404 e, and then joined the Faculty of Theology, University of Imam Mohammed bin Saud in Riyadh in the Islamic faith and the doctrines of contemporary, which he graduated in 1409 e , then e joined in 1410 the Higher Institute of Judiciary and received a master's degree in 1413 in which e.

Science has received a number of orally Almchaik evacuation from their studies by attending workshops and shelling between Multiplicative, including the Grand Mufti of Saudi Sheikh label: Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz, may Allah have mercy on him in many lessons embedded in the dawn, the great mosque in Riyadh, and Sheikh Abd al-mark Abdullah bin Abdel-Rahman bin Jaber Al Jabarin Mannar in the way in the literature, as well as sit for Catabi, and to believe the son of Qudaamah book and reunification of Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab, God's mercy and the jurisprudence of personal Higher Institute for the elimination during the study.

As well as the scholar Sheikh / Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz bin Aqeel member of the Supreme Council of Magistracy, where the former read it in a footnote in the box Alrod Hanbali jurisprudence, as well as many interpret the bin ..

He also received the flag from Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Barrak and Altahawip Altdmouryp, and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi Altahawip to explain, and Sheikh Fahd Ahumain to explain Altahawip, and Sheikh Abdullah gained benefits from a member of the senior scientists in the jurisprudence of the differences, the book Quraafi during the study at the Higher Institute for the Elimination ..
Sheikh Saleh bin Fauzan Fawzaan member of the senior scientists in the jurisprudence of the UK sales during the study at the Higher Institute for the Elimination ..

Offices held:
In 1410 e was appointed a student at the Graduate Institute for the Elimination ..
E In 1412 he was appointed Imam and Al Aqsa Mosque preachers ..
E In 1413 he was appointed a judge of the Tribunal Great Mecca ..
In 1414 e Petklifa been teaching at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia ..
In 1416 e-time PhD, University of Umm Al-Qura in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and is entitled to the letter (in the ritual tract) manuscript in the doctrine of comparative Kermani ..
In 1423 AH, he obtained a doctorate from the University of Umm Al-Qura Makkah Distinction ..

It works:
How to prove descent "manuscript" ..
Dignities of the prophets, "manuscript," ..
Mahdi when the Sunnis and the Community "manuscript" ..
The curriculum for the Haj Pilgrims ..
The flash of the Cave of the "order" ..
Sincerely Joman refining the Hajj of the lights ..
Fiqh Q & A "manuscript" ..
Curio Aristocracy Haiip explain Ibn Abi Dawood Nodal "manuscript volume" ..
A footnote to the illiterate son of values, "scripture" ...
- Isiraj systems of rules four horses and three assets ..


- Online through the disposal of Islam * *
- Online tribe Bani Zeid.
- Unique in the proportions of the Decade of the Bani Zeid Aharakis .. Sheikh Abdullah Manea. (With thanks to the brother Abdullah Saleh