Emotional Reciation by Shuraim

Salaat Al Isha 1417
As Zumar 64 to 75 by Sheikh Shuraim
Very Emotional

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Anonymous said...

wow great shaykh

Anonymous said...

Jazak Allah for sharing , I love all you guys for the sake of Allah. You Rock!!1

Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah absolutely amazing! Insha'Allah he comes back for Fajr Salaat soon.

Anonymous said...

Assalam O alikum,

This i rare and beautiful, Thanks for everything and may Allah reward u.

I was wondering where the Surah Insaan n Surah Sajdah Emotiinal By SHEIKH SHURAIM went that was posted yesterday? I could not get it yesterday and will love to have it.

Can one of u please re post it.

Thanks a bunch

Anonymous said...

Masya Allah that was great!!! I wish he could come back leading the fajar prayers as per usual. I wish he could lead surah Yusuf and Maryam .Really love this 2 surah masya Allah!!!

Anonymous said...

Salaam, Does anyone know why Sheikh Shuraim`s not lead Fajar salaat for a while?