18th September 2007 ~ 19th Ramadhan 1429

Makkah Isha
(Surah Ibrahim 23 to 31) Sheikh Talib

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FAIQ TAHIR said...

I saw the live salaat from Masjidil Haram on my television just now.. After isha slaat, there a mayyit salaat.. Can someone explain about it? I mean who is the person and the causes of his death.. May Allah bless the mayyit..

Anonymous said...

Salam, I would also like to know who is the Princess Lulwa. I don't speek arabic so i don't understand what was going on last night. Wassalam.

Anonymous said...

masha'allah, a beautiful recitation from a beautiful man.

Anonymous said...

princess lulwa is king's sister. she died at an old age.