Juz Tabarak

1414(1993) Salat ul Qiyam Juz 29th(Tabarak) by
Sheikh Sudais and Sheikh Shuraim

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Anonymous said...

Is the recitation from a tahajjud salaah?

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaykum

I don't think that this would be from Salatut Tahajjud, i'm guessing it is from Salatul Taraweeh as in Tahajjud they only usually go up to 10th Juzz

JazakAllah Khayr waBarakallahu Feek for sharing akhee

WaAlaykumus Salaam Warahmatullah

Anonymous said...

this is from 1415

farid said...

To the comment of Abdul Bari and anonymous, this is from Tahajjud Salat only as the recitations in Tahajjud Prayers was led by both the Sheikhs Sudais & Shuraim in continuation with Taraweeh recitations from 1415 to 1416. HR TEAM PLEASE FIND the recitations of 1414 to 1416 after the Khatam Al Quran, that was continued from Juz 1, it were so nicely recited Pl find it and post for HR fans.