Kutbah In English

Makkah Friday Khutbah 25th January 2008 - 16th Muharram 1429
by Sheikh Humaid Khutbah


Anonymous said...

masha'Allah... being with English trasnlation is very very useful... Jazak Allahu Khair!

Unknown said...

Jazakallahu khair brother! Hopefully there will be more
post on translated khutbah in English... and at the same time I am also making effort to learn Arabic as well.. :)

Anonymous said...

JazaakAllah khairan. This is so useful for the non-Arabs amongst us who find it hard to understand the khutbah. Is there any chance that we can have a translation of the khutbah every week, so that we too can benefit from the words of wisdom that the eminent Sheikhs have for the ummah?
Jazaakallah khairan and salaams.

Anonymous said...

As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah. I appreciate the role of this site very much, and highly admire your efforts to provide English translations. Can I make a small suggestion here? I think it would be nice if you post the text of the English translation of the dua, khutbah, etc in addition to including the translation in the video. Jazakallahu khayr.