15th February 2008 - 8th Safar 1429

Makkah Jumuah Khutbah Translation
Sheikh Shuraim

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Anonymous said...

Maashallah, Shaikh Shuraim has really "hit the nail on the head" with this beautiful khutbah, about avoiding bid'aat (innovations) in the deen which so many Muslims are unaware that they are engrossed in.
It's also very topical as he talks about the blind following of other cultures with special reference to Valentines day and it's history.
Without this translation I would not have been able to understand this much. Jazaakallah khairan katheeran fiddunyaa wal aakhirah. Please can the translation for the Khutbah be posted every week?
Jazaakallah again and salaams.