Tahajjud Athan

Tahajjud Athan from May 2006 (Awesome and Beautiful)

Muaddhin Mohammed Farooq Abdur-Rahman Hadhrawi

Sent by a Sister from U.K. May Allah Reward for sending the file.
This is what she said.

You would probably call it Awesome, I would call it out of this world. You'll
know it when you hear it.
He also gives adhaan for other salaats too, but hardly
ever in the style that he gives at Tahajjud. Even the Fajr Adhaan he gives is
not in that style. Is there any chance of getting that Adhaan?

I am attaching my own, bad quality recording of that adhaan (1st takbeer is missing).
I recorded it by holding a mini tape recorder out of the hotel window (next to a
noisy air conditioning unit!), and once recorded, held my mobile phone in front
of the tape recorder and recorded onto the phone, hence the bad quality. It's
just for your info so you know which adhaan I mean.

A sister in Islam (UK)
Note:First Takbeer is missing,also Quality is very low. If anyone has this same exact athan in good quality or any other ,please feel free to email us.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum

I have heard this athaan before sister. It is on youtube. the link is her : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RRxSaBfEdA


Anonymous said...

Wa alaikum as salaam,

You are right, it is exactly the same adhaan. Jazaakallah khairan for pointing that out to me. I thought I would never find it on the net!


بدر said...

Jazalum allah Khayr

Muaddhin Name is (Farooq) Abdur-Rahman Hadhrawi

not Mohammed

amersidd said...

poor quality, beautiful tho

umu rayaan said...

asalamu alikum all my brothers and sisters i just waana say i love this sheikh may allah grant him jannah ameeeeeeen

Anonymous said...

Today Whilst Giving Out The Adhan, I Gave It Like This. And The Stretching Of Haya Alas Salaat The Second Time.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum
Masha Allah its touching to my heart.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, beautiful audio all be it low quality.

May Allah swt bless Ameen.