25th January 2008 - 17th Muharram 1429

Makkah Isha
Surah Al Isra 22 to 33) Sheikh Ghamdi
Very Emotional
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Anonymous said...

Assalam Alaikum. Shaikh Ghamidi is so naturally emotional!

It seems like I forgot how to cry. I simply cant... Heart hardened... eyes dry... I feel like crying on my own state (but I cant)

Pl1s pray for me

..zainab said...

it was verrrrrry emotional mashallah i was there i really cried with him .
اللهم ارحم والدينا واغفر لهم وادخلهم الجنة برحمتك واطل في عمرهم اللهم آمـــــين