Ramadhan 1428

9th Tahajjud 29th Night

1st 6 Rakahs led by Sheikh Shuraim

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2nd Part Rakahs led by Sheikh Juhany

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Afeef said...

6+Assalamualaikum warahmatullah!!!

Thanks so much for the video.

I was very upset at seeing Sheikh Shuraim change his style of qirat! What is up with it??? Is it permanent or what? Does anyone know what's happening? He was his normal self till day before yesterday, but yesterday, he changed it completely! You could hardly make out it was Shuraim! Please if anyone has any knowledge share!

Anonymous said...

Wa 'alaykumus-salaam

Don't worry brother; the eminent shaykh has done it in the past. He tends to unleash his 'new' tune on the last night of Ramadhan, like in 1419AH on the 30th night.

He'll be back on his usual tone next time he leads, insha-Allah.

Abu Muhammad
aka aakhirah

Afeef said...


So what do you think about this new tune? Do you think he'll stay put with this one for a long time now?